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2015 Digital Divas: Putting the Wow into Computing for Girls.

2012 Digital Divas Final Report, June 2012 

Download the Digital Divas Report (~2MB PDF)  for 2012  This report summarises the activities up to and including 2012.

2011 Presentation to K-12 teachers at Grace Hopper Celebration, Portland Oregon USA

The presentation is quite large and for it to work correctly must be opened in Powerpoint 2010. The second presentation is an example of student work that is referred to within the presentation. For the slideshow to work correctly both files must be in the same folder.

Download the main presentation (~80MB).

Download the example of student work (~2MB).


2010 Report

Download the Digital Divas Report for 2010  (Word Doc). This report summarises the activities for 2010


VITTA Presentation

Download the Digital Divas Presentation from Victorian IT Teachers Association (VITTA) conference. A presentation was made at the Victorian IT Teachers Assoc. conference in Nov 2010, A teacher from one of our schools and an Expert Diva were part of the presentation.


Research Publications

Here are publications based on the early results of the project.

  1. Craig, A., Fisher, J., Forgasz, H., & Lang, C. (2011). Evaluation Framework Underpinning the Digital Divas Programme. 16th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education,
    Dormstadt, Germany.
  2. Lang, C., A. Craig, J. Fisher and H. Forgasz (2010). Creating Digital Divas – scaffolding perception change through secondary school and university alliances. ITiCSE (Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education) Conference. , Ankara, Turkey, ACM. 
  3. Lang, C., A. Craig, J. Fisher and H. Forgasz (2010). Dualisms: what women say about working in ICT. Australasian Conference on Information Systems. Brisbane, Australia, University of Queensland: (accepted September 2010).
  4. McLeod, A, H. Forgasz and C.Lang (2013). IT stereotypes in television shows. 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems. 4-6 Dec 2013, Melbourne