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Welcome to the Digital Divas Modules:

The Digital Divas curriculum modules are provided for free access and use. Some copyright material has been deleted.

Each of the following topics are written to provide 10 to 12 hours of class time allowing Digital Divas to be offered with different curriculum over consecutive semesters. The ALICE programming topic is an introduction only. This topic could easily be expanded for one semester on its own.

Similarly, VBugs provides enough materials for one semester of programming.

Topic Theme Software/hardware Learning objectives/outcomes
Shake the Bottle, Wake the Brand Branding Flash or Photoshop
Colour printer
Google apps (on-line survey)
Creating a Digital Diva Identity. Designing and creating logos and slogans using a vector based program. Understanding why organisations value branding. Including brainstorming, planning, branding and marketing to design, a unique logo and slogan to represent Digital Divas for that semester.
Lights, Camera, Action Communication, collaboration Video editing software
MovieMaker or
Premier Pro or iMovie
Creating a movie for a specific audience outside of Australia. Planning, research & design involves script writing, storyboards, mind-mapping, production and evaluation - receiving feedback from intended audience. (Teamwork)
Chefs Delight Design and creation of an on-line system Excel
Brainstorming, collecting and analysing data, transferring data into a spreadsheet to create an online system. Creating combo boxes, macros, if statements, formulae, VLOOKUPs, 3D referencing and conditional formatting.
Fab & Famous Developing a Critical eye for media Photoshop Looking at how the advertising industry edit and modify images for magazines and commercial products for advertising. Using Photoshop to create a magazine cover that has edited images. Discussing the ethics and morals of models and how women are portrayed in the media.
Mythbusters Research careers (pairs) PowerPoint
Software to watch external movies .AVI Windows Media Player/Quicktime
To broaden students views on how I.T. is used in different industries. Job opportunities for working in the I.T. industry. External speakers. Combined with visit to Deakin for Girls I.T. Day. Busting four myths about I.T.
Alice Programming Alice 3D free software Storytelling with Alice - Introduction to object orientated programming. Understanding Algorithms and basic programming concepts such as program variable declaration, conditional and looping constructs.
Wiki Wiki Web technologies Microsoft Office Web 1.0 verses web 2.0. What does it mean? And what's the difference? Broaden your I.T. terminology and compare methods of communication.
VBugs Games/ Programming VBugs free software, created by a team of Swinburne University female students. It uses the SwinGame Software Development Kit (SDK) and VB.NET. VBugs is a resource you can use in the classroom to get your students creating a game. Its aim is to teach students the steps involved in programming in a fun but non-superficial manner. It is provided free to the Digital Divas resource bank to provide teachers seeking extension units to access and implement.